The “Technomancer 2.0” Digital Wizard Hoodie [Pic + Video]


The “Technomancer 2.0” digital wizard hoodie by Thinkgeek is a product that will make you appear like an “authentic” magic user!

You have the Will to be a spellcaster in real life, and ThinkGeek is here like a wizened oracle to deliver you the way. Introducing the Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie. Donning this unique garment will transform you into a powerful mage ready to blast off spells at a moment’s notice. The sleeves of the Technomancer contain accelerometers which sense the movements of your hands. Move them in one of the pre-programmed spell sequences and the sleeves of the hoodie light from within, the internal speaker booms, and the hood illuminates your face in an eerie glow.

[The “Technomancer 2.0” Digital Wizard Hoodie]

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