British Officials Seize Over 15,000 Dangerous ‘Hoverboards’


15,000 potentially dangerous ‘hoverboards’ have been seized by officials in the UK. Then again, what do you expect from outdated technology?

It seems the hoverboards, also known as self-balancing scooters, were set to be among the hot craze Christmas gifts for this year. That’s thought to be because of their hipster retro appeal: as the nostalgic among you may remember, a device of the same name featured in Back To The Future: Part II, a historical drama set back in the bygone days of October 2015.

National Trading Standards, a British agency that enforces laws relating to selling goods, says that more than 17,000 such devices were examined at UK ports and borders in the past couple of months. Of these, more than 15,000 were detained because officials believed them to be unsafe.

That’s because the boards match models which have already been tested in labs and found to have serious electrical faults. The agency said that “Many of the items detained and sent for testing have been found to have noncompliant plugs without fuses, which increases the risk of the device overheating, exploding or catching fire.”

The news came in a press release which contained the frankly wondrous sentence of Consumer Minister Nick Boles saying “I urge anyone who suspects a hoverboard not to be genuine to report it to the Citizens Advice consumer helpline.”

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