Couldn’t get that “Pip-Boy” Edition of Fallout 4? Don’t Despair, There’s Still Hope!


I have something important to admit tonight: I am a bit irresponsible. You see, I didn’t pre-order my copy of fallout 4 when it first came out, robbing me of the possibility of getting that oh so desired “Pip-Boy” version of the game. I know, it’s quite shameful.

But while I was at the mall tonight to get a new backpack for my daughter, I stopped by EB games (Hi guys!) to make sure I’d get the regular version of the game when it comes out on Tuesday, and behold, I learned that a few “Pip-Boy” editions would be available for the first few clients who asked for one when the store opens at 8AM.

I don’t know if it’ll be the same at other game stores, but if you’re in Canada and have an EB Games near you, there’s a small chance that you could get one if you’re dedicated enough.

Good luck! :)

[Fallout 4]

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