The Best Rocket Raccoon Costume of All Time [Pics + Video]


Christina Borchardt made what is possibly the best Rocket Raccoon costume of all time for her son.

We are going to be cosplaying Guardians of the galaxy for the next convention we do. (A while from now) my 5 year old really wanted to be Rocket, because he thinks a raccoon that kicks butt and shoots guns is awesome He fell in love with them when they showed up on his spiderman cartoon. I decided to start working on it ahead of time before the next conventions pop up. I made a rough face cast by coating him in vaseline, taping plastic wrap on to protect his hair, using low endothermic plaster bandages (i tested them first) and built a thin layer ( i mention how awesome my son is? Lol) Once it dried , i removed it and closed up the nose holes and made it stronger.


She documented how she built the whole thing over at The RPF.


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