Superman vs. Batman. Who’s better? Let’s Find Out Once and For All! [Comics]

The always awesome and very talented Kery Callen decided to finally put an end to the whole Batman vs. Superman debate by doing something very, ahem, logical:

For decades, fans have argued who is the better superhero, Superman or Batman. It recently occurred to me that the best way to determine this is to see how they’d fare if one replaced the other on their comic covers. Will one fare better than the other? This should decide once and for all who’s superior! I selected six covers and then created six alternative images.

Superman and Batman being hit by lightning.

Winner: Superman.

Kids with kryptonite.

Winner: Batman.

Bane breaking Batman’s back, and then breaking Superman’s back.

Winner: Superman.

Batman surrounded by Bats, Superman surrounded by supers.

Winner: Batman.

Batman in front, Superman in the back. Then, Superman in front, Batman in the back.

Winner: None.

Lastly, Batman lives in a mansion and has a butler.


And the big winner is… BATMAN!

[Source: Kerry Callen]

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