The Landspeeder Bed: A Bed from a Galaxy Far, Far Away!


Redditor Ghostfaceace made this amazing landspeeder bed for his son, and even though I’m an *ahem* adult, I’m totally jealous of this kid!

Top, bottom and internal wall are 18mm mdf, 2400x1200mm boards. external walls are 12mm mdf 300mm deep. Had to kerf the 12mm to match the curve at the front which was not fun. Top cover is removable so the bedding can be changed and slides into place below the top engine. The silver sides are 40mm pipe insulation foam. Base is 200x50mm planed timber with silver insulation tape to make it appear to float. LED strip can be changed to different colours by remote control.

Edit: And here’s the cat version! Meow the Force be with you!



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