Superbet: When Superheroes and Villains Meet the Alphabet


Superbet is a Superhero/villain themed alphabet created by Designer Simon Koay. For those interested, you can purchase each of the individual letter and have them printed on a mug, phone case, etc, or you can buy the whole thing as a print over at Society6.

A – Captain America
B – Batman
C – Cyclops
D – Daredevil
E – Elektra
F – Flash
G – Ghost Rider
H – Hulk
I – Iron Man
J – Joker
K – Killer Croc
L – Loki
M – Mystique
N – Nightcrawler
O – Omega Red
P – Poison Ivy
Q – Quicksilver
R – Riddler
S – Spiderman
T – Two-Face
U – Ultron
V – Venom
W – Wolverine
X – Professor X
Y – Yellowjacket
Z – Zatanna

[Source: Simon Koay | Via Geekologie]

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