Netflix To Air Black Mirror Series 3


Joining a string of TV shows that have moved from broadcast networks to streaming services, Charlie Brooker’s dystopian sci-fi series Black Mirror has been picked up by Netflix for a third series.

The move follows Netflix picking up the rights to stream the seven episodes that were made for previous seasons and originally shown on the UK’s Channel 4. The 12 new shows will be available on all Netflix regions except the UK and Ireland, which presumably implies they’ll still premiere on televison there.

For those who’ve not yet seen the shows, they are self-contained dramas that generally relate to the effects of technology (particularly communications) on society, usually in ways that aren’t yet possible but are at least plausible. Previous episodes covered themes such as people having the ability to store and replay┬átheir entire life PVR-style, bereaved people getting an avatar made of their deceased partner using their social media history to power the artificial intelligence, and an estranged father being the subject of a restraining order that literally prevents him from seeing his daughter, even in photographic or video form.

The show also made the headlines this week for reasons we shall let you search for yourself; suffice to say the debut episode’s Prime Ministerial/porcine storyline gained an unexpected relevance.