Some Elegant Sets of Rings for a More Civilized Age


We’ve featured master jeweler Takayas Mizuno’s gorgeous and geeky rings on GAS back in 2013, and now, the man is back with various sets of rings that should make all Star Wars fanboys and girls go nuts with envy: Star Wars inspired lightsaber rings!

From Takayas Custom Jewelry:

Designed with non-tarnish sterling silver and Swarovski Zirconia, these lightsaber inspired rings are an homage to our favorite series. We sincerely hope fellow fans will delight in them as well.


This ring’s green color comes from a synth-crystal, unlike the Jedi Consulars of old whose lightsabers used crystals from deep within Ilum’s frozen Crystal Caves.


This ring’s deep crimson color is a result of having been forged with a synth-crystal infused with the Dark Side of the Force.


For those who have mastered the Force, the rare, deep violet hurrikaine crystal is the power source for this ring.


[Takayas Custom Jewelry]

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