PowerUp Geek Box: What I Got in my Premium August Box!


I wrote about the PowerUp Box I got last month just a few days ago (I was a little late) and I got the one for this month just today! I have to say, I prefer this one over the last one simply because it came with an amazing Ant-Man bobble-head figure from Funko. This is pretty much the favorite thing I’ve received so far! So without further ado, here is what I got in my premium August box!

For either $19.95 (deluxe – 4 to 6 items) or $29.95 (premium – 6 to 9 items) (+ s/h) you’ll get a box packed with geeky goodness delivered to your door every month. You can also save a little by pre-ordering three (5% off), six (10% off) or twelve months (15% off) of boxes. If you’re looking for some cool geek gifts to offer to people you know, the PowerUp Box is a great idea!

An Ant-Man bobble-head from Funko.


A beautiful captain america shirt. I really like this one.


DC Comics JLA issue #1.


A set of Avengers: Age of Ultron playing cards along with a shot glass made from Candy.


A Captain America plushy.


A Batman dog tag


A Deadpool light/symbol projector. This thing actually shines Deadpool’s logo wherever you point it!


For those interested, you can head over to powerupbox.com to order the upcoming box for next month! Use coupon code GeeksAreSexy to get 10% off on your first month of either the premium or deluxe box!