New Horror Game “The Flock” Will Go Offline When Every Player Dies

Just in concept, this is a pretty incredible idea. Horror games might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but with the originality being utilized here, maybe The Flock will change the overall world’s perception of horror games. This proves they can be just as original and innovative as the biggest games out there.

The Flock is an asymmetrical multiplayer thriller. You get to play as one of the agile hunters that make up the Flock, but your goal is to become the hunted Carrier.

As the Carrier you need to shine your light upon objectives placed in the world in order to win the game; while at the same time fending off Flock that attempt to gain the Artifact for themselves! The Flock are vulnerable to the Artifact’s light, but their key to survival is to stand still when the light is shined upon them.

[The Flock | Via Gameranx]

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