This Incredible Skeleton T-Rex Bike is For Sale!


Come on, admit it, you know you want this skeleton T-Rex Bike, and it can be yours for only *ahem* $2000.

-12ft long from head to tail, 5.5ft wide stance, 8.5ft tall (size of a 12 year old young-adult T-Rex)
-90lb recumbent tricycle made from chromoly steel, foam, and textured paint (200lb rider weight limit)
-9-speed wide-range drivetrain with a top speed of about 15mph (comfortable cruising speed of about 7mph)
-Seat is ~5ft off the ground so use a step ladder, or if you have good balance, use foot and hand holds hidden along the left side of her body.
-Head is a marionette that turns side to side and opens her jaw; controlled by wire from handlebars
-Arms are attached to pedals and can be controlled in combination with head to create believable performances (Sue can answer questions, wave at audience, snap her jaws in excitement, disgust, hunger, etc.)
-Disassembles using basic tools into multiple pieces to fit within a pick-up truck bed for easy(er) transport to events




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