IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN: Japan Accepts USA’s Request for a Giant Robot Duel [Videos]

Last week, Megabots Inc uloaded a video to youtube challenging Japan to a Duel involving two giant robots: The MegaBot Mk. II versus Suidobashy Heavy Industies’ Kuratas. In case you missed it, here is the video.

JAPAN HAS ACCEPTED THE DUEL, telling Megabots Inc that if they organize the duel, they’ll be there.


I don’t know about you guys, but I’m super pumped about this event! This is going to be awesome, even though I suspect that Megabots will lose simply because you know, Japan is Japan after all.


9 Responses to IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN: Japan Accepts USA’s Request for a Giant Robot Duel [Videos]

  1. Hell yes! Two giant robots walk in, one giant robot walks out. I just hope neither side wusses out because they’re afraid it’ll ruin their paint job.

  2. I doubt they’re worried about that. But the fact that they are piloted makes melee combat really risky.. I don’t really see that happening, though I can hope!

  3. I love to remind everyone that japan already has the system to make a non piloted mecha xD…. They actually have 2 ways already, check their updates :D… SO MELEE ITS ON!

  4. This is gonna be tough to call, the Japanese have been integrating giant robots into common culture since the 50’s.But the U.S.A. has always been at the top of the class when it comes a old fashioned schoolyard brawl…

  5. Neeeeeeeeeeds melee combat. I’m not asking Santa or Jesus for anything this year only to see these two duel. I’m thinking it needs to be on neutral ground.

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