WANT: The Dragonscale Handbag Of Holding


From Thinkgeek:

This bag has 15 different pockets in which you can store all your treasure, so you can separate out your gold coins, your gems, and your cursed items. (You don’t want to slip on a cursed ring accidentally while you’re looking for your keys.) Speaking of keys, you can find yours quickly with the convenient keychain fob so you don’t have to rely on the party thief again to get inside your own place. And the center padded sleeve is perfect for a smaller laptop or a tablet. Or, say, a dragon’s egg. We can hook you up with a well-respected proprietor, but we prefer if you adopt, don’t shop for legendary beasties.


[Dragonscale Handbag Of Holding]

3 Responses to WANT: The Dragonscale Handbag Of Holding

  1. wow, talk about insulting. A purse for women? What is this the 19th century? Gay people can get married but women are still forced to carry purses. How about a little gender equality and the men carry things for once?

    • Can’t tell if serious … damn you, Poe’s Law.


      The Handbag of Holding was developed by ThinkGeek after the success of their Bag of Holding, a unisex messenger bag which sold like hotcakes. They now sell Bags, Handbags, Backpacks and Briefcases of Holding to anyone and everyone; I have a Handbag of Holding and a Con Edition Bag of Holding, both of which are absolutely sensational, and my partner has a leather Briefcase of Holding, which is equally indispensable.

      I know I sound like a shill for ThinkGeek, but check them out; I guarantee that you’ll want one, no matter your gender. Maybe more than one …

    • She might be the woman with a purse, but she is bloody fighting a spitting fire dragon!

      Also, feminism is not about replacing the roles. And here in Korea men do carry even female designed purses of their girlfriends, if neccessary.

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