Get Your Very Own Bioluminescent Pet Dino!

Part art, part pet, and part science project, DinoPet is completely awesome! Get yours at Vat19.

Shaped like an apatosaurus, the plastic aquarium is home to a school of bioluminescent plankton called Dinoflagellates. When the sun goes down, the dinoflagellates light up the night when you give them a gentle shake.

Simply pour the pouch of dinoflagellates and water into the shell, give them indirect sunlight during the day, and enjoy the glowing blue-green spectacle in the evening.

Due to the living nature of this product, dinoflagellates are shipped separately (directly from manufacturer) at no additional cost. Simply redeem the included voucher at your convenience. Currently, the Dino Pet can only ship within the US.

[Bioluminescent Pet Dino]

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