This Star Wars Boba Fett Car Sunshade is the Coolest Sunshade in the Galaxy!


Or at least one of the coolest, coming close second behind the original Star Wars sunshade that’s been available for a while.

From Thinkgeek:

The list of things Boba Fett has seen could rival Roy Batty’s classic scene from Blade Runner. He’s seen the twin suns set on Tatooine. As a boy, he saw his father beheaded. And he’s one of the very few who’s seen the inside of the Sarlacc and lived to tell the tale.

You know what else he’s seen? Man in Carbonite. The great, witty, has-a-retort-for-everything renegade Han Solo rendered speechless via the artful combination of carbonite and tibanna gas. This windshield shade features Han Solo in carbonite reflected in the t-visor of Boba Fett’s helmet. Putting it in your vehicle makes it just a leeetle bit more evil.


[Star Wars Boba Fett Car Sunshade]

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