‘Suicide Squad’ Rumored To Be (Expletive Deleted) Insane


So right now, most geeks have their eyes turned towards Suicide Squad. Great cast, great characters, and the look of the movie has people intrigued (not all happy, not all mad, but intrigued). Good news for fans of the Suicide Squad waiting to hear ANYTHING about the title. Seems the movie is moving along, the cast is bonding, and the film itself is said to be bonkers in the best ways by one of its stars, Cara Delevingne.

Via Uproxx:

“I’m not the biggest fan of superhero films. There are so (bleeping) many. I love the Batmans but some of them I’m not that keen on. I’ve never been so excited to see a film and I’m actually in it. I wish I could tell you about it at all. The movie is going to be the best thing in the world. The camaraderie on set is insane.”

So there you have it from The Enchantress herself. Maybe she is just smitten because this is her first flick. Or maybe she is right, and we are set to get an over-the-top, mind blowing ride we are all praying to get. This is a good sign for the latter. More news as it comes.