HEY GIRL: ‘Feminist Mad Max’ Memes Are the Only Ones You’ll Ever Need [PICS]

Literally dozens of media outlets and writers have penned amazing and humorous and insightful articles on “the feminism of Mad Max: Fury Road.”

Never failing in its duty and pop culture relevance, tumblr has also done its part, becoming home to ‘Feminist Mad Max‘ memes, a playful, yet still serious, send-up of those “Hey Girl” memes featuring Ry-Gos.

I seriously can’t get enough of these.

Hey Girl Mad Max 1

Hey Girl Mad Max 3

Hey Girl Mad Max 2


[via tumblr]

7 Responses to HEY GIRL: ‘Feminist Mad Max’ Memes Are the Only Ones You’ll Ever Need [PICS]

  1. These aren’t really memes – they’re statements, and they’re lame.

    Crap like this is why feminism has such a bad name these days. And quit it with the ‘feminist film’ crap. It’s a great film and doesn’t need to be mired in ideological drivel.

  2. This is just rubbish hahahhahah! These are neither ‘insightful’ or ‘humorous’ nor do I believe any of these people actually watched the film and/or paid attention to it. It’s not a feminist film, NO BODY in this film has any sort of rights, male or female, so how can you say its fighting for womens rights when no body has any to begin with. It’s a post apocalyptic world where society and it’s constructs has fallen to bits and people have resorted to living off their basic animal instincts (get food, make babies, survive). You cannot compare our society or try fit your agendas into a story that has nothing to do with our lives. It’s like saying that third world countries have no food, therefore first world countries have no food. It’s just insane. You are all acting like these activities/scenarios are all ‘new’ things, have none of you seen Buffy or Xena? This kind of thinking is pushing back equality to the damn dark ages, god job guys, good job.

  3. Oh the hand-wringing hysteria of the comments section trolls. These were hilarious and adorable. I’m a film and english major who knows my way around storytelling as well as feminism. I loved this film for all its wackiness and for its significant revision of women in action films. I’m putting these on greeting cards for the next few years.

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