Ultimate Star Trek Apartment For Sale


A studio apartment built to look just like Star Trek’s Voyager is up for sale in the United Kingdom.

The apartment in Hinckley, Leicestershire, is the work of Tony Alleyne. He made the conversion after his wife left him and he no longer had to compromise on interior design tastes. Originally he built it around the design of the USS Enterprise but found the color scheme too dull and instead switched to Voyager, though the transporter control deck remains that of the Next Generation era.


It’s certainly not a home for lovers of natural light: the windows are all blocked up and use multiple layers to create an effect similar to looking out into space.

Alleyne spent around £4,000 (US$6,300) on the materials but saved himself a small fortune by carrying out all the construction work himself.

In 2012, newspapers reported that Alleyne’s wife was seeking to have the apartment sold as part of the divorce settlement. Public records show no sale at that time, but it’s now been listed for sale at £70,000, equivalent to US$110,000.

While it may be the best value Star Trek home, it’s arguably not the best. That may instead be a Boca Raton mansion that includes a home cinema room replicating the bridge of the Enterprise. It also features a dedicated gaming room based around Call of Duty.

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