Nintendo World May Become A Reality


Nintendo has agreed a deal with Universal Parks and Resorts to bring game-themed attractions to its theme parks.

The two companies have offered virtually no details on exactly what it will entail and it appears their creative departments have yet to work out the specifics.

However, they have said that “Nintendo’s most famous characters and games” will be built into major attractions and immersive experiences.

It seems extremely likely that Pokemon and the Mario family will be among the characters and themes, though it’s unclear what public safety inspectors would make of a real-life Mario Kart.

Licensing has become a key part of the Universal park strategy, with rides and attractions based around Harry Potter, The Simpsons and The Fast and the Furious already open or on the way to be.

It follows similar agreements for an in-construction theme park in the UK which has reached licensing deals with both Paramount Pictures and the BBC, prompting speculation of Doctor Who-themed rides.

(Image credit: Andreas Praefcke, released into public domain)

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