Geek Recreates Original Dungeons & Dragons Cover Art with 50,000 LEGO Bricks


Eric Harshbarger took 2 months to build this epic 50,000 LEGO bricks version of the original cover art for the 1977 version of the basic Dungeons & Dragons set. The mosaic is 90″ tall and 75″ wide and features twenty different colors of bricks. The whole thing is attached to 30 extra large baseplates to bring some stability to the creation.

I often contend that three of the most significant influences on my adolescent years were: LEGO building, computer programming, and playing Dungeons & Dragons. With this latest mosaic project, I more or less bring all of those things together (the LEGO and D&D are obvious, while behind the scenes I have the software program I wrote to help me map out the whole mural).


[Eric Harshbarger]

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