Top 10 Magical Facts You Didn’t Know About Harry Potter

10. Evanna Lynch beat anorexia, but wasn’t guaranteed the role of Luna Lovegood because of it
9. Alan Rickman didn’t really know all about Snape’s secret from the beginning
8. Dame Maggie Smith underwent chemotherapy for breast cancer during the last movies
7. Daniel Radcliffe’s stunt double was left paralyzed after a flying scene went horribly wrong in “Deathly Hallows”
6. Harry Potter and Voldemort turned out to be blood relatives
5. There’s a hotel in London with Hogwarts-Themed Wizard Chambers
4. J.K Rowling hid a LOT of plot details that were later revealed
3. The First Wizarding War was at the same time as Word War II and Voldemort was influenced by Hitler
2. Seventeen actors who worked on the Harry Potter movies have died
1. J.K Rowling regrets Hermione ending up with Ron instead of Harry and nearly killed Ron off


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