College to Offer Class on “Game of Thrones”

game of thrones season 4

Northern Illinois University has added a class I almost guarantee no student would skip.

Called “Game of Thrones, Television, and Medieval History,” one might think the course is a disguised publicity stunt or even a ‘throwaway’ class, but it’s actually a legitimate class all about history.

According to The Chicago Tribune:

The class is the brainchild of one Professor Valerie Garver, who…believes that the HBO drama (and the original books by George R.R. Martin) is actually a great representation of the Middle Ages.

“It represents aspects of the Middle Ages much more realistically than other media depictions that purport to be more accurate,” she said. “It stands out because it comments on the human condition in a way that seems real to people. It’s a really good example of a piece of modern culture that draws on how the past impacts the present.”

The class is part of the honors program and assignments will include watching the show, reading the books (is one semester enough time?!), and relating GoT to current events. Not surprisingly, the class filled up in an hour. A second class will be offered for the spring semester.

[via E! Online]

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