That Damn Door from ‘Bloodborne’


So as many gamers know, Bloodborne is a magnificent, challenging, atmospheric game that has most people who play it chomping at the bit to get deeper and unlock all of its glorious secrets. And boy, does it have secrets (like the fabled beast mode, which we have hinted at here before). But on thing seems to really be pissing gamers off in the game, and that is ‘the door.’ If you are asking what door, you mustn’t have played through the game yet.

So what is up with this door? Do we need DLC to find out what’s behind it? Is it a mistake? Could it open to modern day Detroit? It’s a question that only causes more questions. Questions Kotaku seems to have answered:

After much speculation, someone finally proved beyond a doubt what is behind the door in the video below. illusory wall uses the otherwise kind-of-useless shining coins to mark the door—turns out, if you drop coins while standing against a surface, they’ll get lodged into that surface. After stuffing some coins onto the door, illusory wall shows us the route they take to get to an area near the Cathedral Ward, where they find the other side of the door. The proof is in the coins: you can see them shining from both sides. Mystery solved!

So there you have it, over-thinkers. The door is just a….door. Man, it sucks to be a gamer sometimes and just look too damn deeply into things, huh? Don’t fret, we have all been there.

{image, story Kotaku}

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