Is Han Solo’s Hoth Jacket Blue or Brown? (Just Like That Stupid Dress!)

So it’s happening all over again just like a few months ago when the Internet went collectively insane over that stupid white and gold black and blue dress: What color is Han Solo’s Hoth jacket? Blue or Brown?


Apparently, that debate has been going on for decades, starting right when The Empire Strikes Back was released in 1980. So many people were arguing about the issue that Hasbro released two version of the Han Solo on Hoth action figure, one for each color (I had the blue version!)


But why is this popping up on the Internet today? The reason is simple: the new digital versions of the Star Wars movies are getting released tomorrow, and the truth is revealed in a clip from the bonus features: The coat is brown.



[Star Wars: The Digital Movie Collection | Via IO9]

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