10 Comic Book Characters Inspired by REAL People!

Youtuber Matthew Santoro, along with VSauce3, list 10 comic book characters that were inspired by real people at their creation. Here’s the list:

#1 – The Joker: Conrad Viedt (1928)
#2 – John Constantine: Sting
#3 – Tintin: Danish Boyscout Palle Huld
#4 – The Hellfire Club: Various actors who Jack Kerb and Stan Lee were familiar with
#5 – Magneto and Professor X: Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr
#6 – Iron Man: Howard Hughes
#7 – Lucifer Morningstar: David Bowie
#8 – Harley Quinn: Arleen Sorkin (Days of our lives)
#9 – J. Jonah Jameson: Stan Lee
#10 – Darkseid: Adolf Hitler

[Matthew Santoro]

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