AMAZING TARS Cosplay (from Interstellar) Looks Just Like the Real Thing! [Video]

After seeing Chris Nolan’s movie “Interstellar”, Iain Heath, also known as “Ochre Jelly” online for his amazing LEGO creations, decided that a mere LEGO tribute (like he usually does) would be insufficient, so instead he embarked on a 3-month project to create a life-size TARS cosplay replica of the movie’s beloved robot.

TARS was unveiled at Emerald City Comic Con in March 2015, where it interacted with the public and even won Heath the “One To Watch” award at the convention’s annual costume contest.


Requiring over 100 man hours to construct, the replica weighs 40 lbs (a mere fifth of the one in the movie) and uses two iPads to recreate TARS’ computer readouts. To allow the operator to interact with their surroundings, the aluminum-clad wooden frame includes a camera, LCD screen, audio amplifier, and head set.

Heath lives in Seattle, where he is a full-time LEGO artist and also an editor/contributor for popular LEGO fan blog “The Brothers Brick”. This is his first foray into the world of mechanical cosplay.

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