All The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Theories You Absolutely Need To Know


The one thing that can be said about Game of Thrones is that the world is rich and ripe with characterizations and story lines. This makes Game of Thrones a very easy story to work fan theories around, simply because so much is going on. And sometimes, the speculation ends up being right and minds are blown. One such fan theory for Thrones is pretty mind-blowing. Like this example of who Jon Snow’s REAL parents could be. Keep in mind, some potential spoilers abound, so read on with caution:

It’s the question all A Song of Ice and Fire readers ask themselves in book one, and never stop asking. The most prevalent theory is that Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, who abducted Eddard’s sister Lyanna and the love of Robert Baratheon’s life and inadvertently started the rebellion that deposed the Targaryens, had sex with Lyanna – maybe consensually, maybe not – and Lyanna died giving birth to Jon. Knowing that Jon would be in considerable danger if his half-Targaryen blood were revealed (remember, Robert was determined to kill every last Targaryen on the planet), he pretended the boy was his own bastard, and took him to Winterfell, telling nobody the truth. Although Ned is incredibly secretive regarding Jon’s parentage, he does remember making Lyanna a promise on her death bed, which was likely to keep Jon secret and safe.

Now, with HBO deviating from the original books somewhat this season, the funny part is, some of these fan theories could 100% come true. Better stay tuned in April when the show returns to find out.

[Image, story via Gizmodo]


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