Go Fund “Super Troopers 2” Right MEOW! [VIDEO]

In an onslaught of sequels, prequels, and reboots nobody asked for, the world is apparently demanding a Super Troopers sequel right meow!

(And thank goodness!)

In less than 2 days, the Super Trooper 2 Indiegogo campaign has already exceeded its goal of $2 million!


Meow, based on the (hilarious) campaign details, $2 million is just the minimum amount needed to produce a ‘barebones’ version of Super Troopers 2. But the more money donated, the better it will be and the more people that donate, the better the chance it will get a wider release!

badgoodyaydiagram_supertroopers 2

There are about 30 whole days left to donate, so click here and do it MEOW!

Editor’s note: And here’s the indigogo trailer:

Warning: Language.

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