Nerdist Presents: Enjoy Your Burrito! + What Would YOU put in YOUR Ideal burrito?


If you’re even remotely aware of Nerdist, you should already know that burritos reign supreme, as they are founder Chris Hardwick’s favorite food. Heck, the Nerdist motto is even “Enjoy your burrito”!

The love of the stuffed, cylindrical, tortilla’d food has consumed the business so much that they are now part of their interview questions. So, just what exactly is in the ideal burrito of stars like Kristen Bell, Chris Pratt, Nathan Fillion, and even the Muppets? Watch this episode of Nerdist Presents to find out!

Please note: If you’re reading this from the front page, hit the “read more” link below to view the video. Unfortunately, the video is on auto-play, so I had to post it this way so it doesn’t start playing right away when people hit the front page of the site.

And a question for you, dear readers: What would YOU put in YOUR Ideal burrito? Let us know in the comments!

Now if you’ll excuse me, my stomach is asking me for food.

[via Nerdist]