A Message from 10191: A Gigantic 360° Projection Mapping Show From the Future

This jaw dropping gigantic 360° projection mapping show was recently presented at the “Carré des Arts” in Mons, Belgium, Europe’s new “Capital of Culture.”

Project : 360° video mapping in the courtyard of the “carré des arts” for the Opening Ceremony of Mons2015, the new European Capital of Culture.

Technical : 20 video projectors for a projection surface of 4400 m²

Theme : We proposed our vision of the theme of Mons 2015 : Where technology meets culture! A futurist vision of a robotic world illustrated by CLOE our central processing unit system. “Year : 10191. A technological war breaks out. Descent into the depths of a dead planet. Discover the queen of the new world, Cloe…”

[DirtyMonitor | Via Kuriositas]

Mons is the European Capital of Culture 2015 so to get the year underway the Belgian city unleashed CLOE on an unsuspecting audience. Created by Dirty Monitor this is a Video mapping performance at 360° featuring a vision of the future transmitted to the past. The courtyard of Mons’ Carré des Arts (the city’s Graduate School of Art Federation) was transformed as all four sides became the surface for 20 video projectors covering 4400 square meters. Amazing work.

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