Another ‘Game of Thrones’ Mix CD Coming Out (This Time Featuring Snoop!)


Not sure if any of you recall, but last year, HBO worked out a deal with some rappers and had them drop a mix tape based around Game of Thrones. For the uber-geeks who don’t know what a mix tape is, it is basically an underground album, in this case, with all songs being based around the fantasy series GOT. It was a smart (albeit quite contrived) viral business move, but one that seemed to work as they are repeating it. This time they have thrown some rock bands in for good measure (which makes sense because rockers LOVE singing about high fantasy. No really).

From Flavorwire:

 Catch the Throne: The Mixtape, Vol. 2. HBO has announced it’ll be releasing this follow-up to last year’s mixtape in March, and that it’ll feature Snoop Dogg and Method Man, as well as metal acts Anthrax and Killswitch Engage, all cohered by a thematic focus on George RR Martin’s series’ titular elements; some might say, in fact, that these are all actual “song[s] of ice and fire.” All fifteen songs will feature samples from the Season 4 soundtrack.

I had to cover this story for a different site last year when it dropped, and my thoughts have not changed. There is something inherently hilarious about hardcore rappers who claim they came from the streets spitting rhymes about ‘the Mother of Dragons.’ That being said, it is also kind of awesome in a campy way, so really, you can’t even be mad. Plus the inclusion of some metal acts seems a step in the right direction. Now how about Tyrion releasing an album of spoken word poetry? We’d be all over that.

[image via Nerdcoremovement, story via Flavorwire]

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