Merfest: It’s Exactly What it Sounds Like


So, um, there is a convention held yearly in North Carolina and is essentially a gathering of local folks who like to dress up as mermaids and mermen. Of course it is called ‘merfest‘ because what else would you call it? The best part is, these people get together up to three times a week and actually swim in the ocean as mermaids and mermen. This is not so much just cosplaying to these people as it seems a lifestyle choice. They just want to be mer-people, and get to embrace that with merfest.


You might just wanna check this out yourself. Somehow, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and somehow I feel a million words won’t do these pics justice.

We support the “mer” movement 100%. Be who you want to be!

[Image via Tumblr, Story Via CoolHunting]