10 Big Misconceptions about Driving

10 misconceptions about cars and driving in general. Misconception #7 and #9 might be partly wrong though according to a Youtube commentator:

Never ever ever ever just crank up a cold engine and “go” engines are designed to reach high temperatures during operation and before they do, seals aren’t as pliable, valves are much harder and brittle, at the very least let the engine “idle down” before putting it in gear. Best plan is to start and wait 30-120 seconds before putting a load on her if you want your engine to last.

Also, if your car is turbocharged or supercharged never put lower than the rated octane rating fuel in her. Yes, modern engines will retard the timing but you risk detonation inside that engine and also increase exhaust gas temperatures which will damage your engine over time.

Can anyone confirm or deny this?

[Mental Floss]

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