Man Uses 3D Printer To Make Perfect Arkham Origins Batman Costume

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There are certain things that are just infinitely cool. Two of those things are 3D printers and Batman. But who would’ve ever thought they would be getting mentioned in the same article? Yet here we are, already proving 2015 will be chock full of awesome.

Steven Dee of Crimson Coscrafts had the brilliant idea to use a 3D printer to print out an exact copy of the Dark Knight suit from the Batman: Arkham Origins game. Obviously the cape and the under suit were not printed, but everything that you see here that is COOL, that was all printed out.

Dee had some help from Tunda Designs and Gauntlet FX on the project, and as you can see, the end results looks absolutely perfect.


The fact of the matter is, once you put this on once, it would be very hard not to wear it to do basic things like buy groceries and go fill your tank. I can’t imagine how hardcore it must make you feel. Now they just need to print out working versions of all his gadgets and we’ll have a real life Batman on our hands. How cool would that be?


So to those wondering if 3D printing is going to change the world? Yes, yes it is. And it is also going to give us nerds a chance to dress like superheroes. So really, 3D printing is the best thing ever of all time, infinity.


The above photo is easily the best of the bunch. Why? That’s OBVIOUSLY casual Friday Batman, and we’ve always wondered what casual Friday Batman would look like. Now we know. Old school, button fly jeans.

Suffice it to say, between his retro choice in denim and the remarkable 3D print job, my mind is pretty much blown by all this.

-Image Sources: CrimsonCosCrafts and 3D Print

Via i09 H/T to FashionablyGeek

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