86 Viral Images That Were Fake in 2014

fake syraiia

One of the worst things about the web is the fact that the plethora of information you receive, be it visually or otherwise, is often not fact-checked or verified. Social media has only made this worse by someone finding a touching photo (like the one on the left seen above) and turning it into a viral image by sharing it so it makes the social rounds, wrenching the hearts of everyone who sees it. Come to find out, that photo, and many like it we all fawned or wept over in 2014, were fake.

I mean, it’s the internet age, and I know you know this, but in case you don’t, this list of faked photos from 2014 should really open your eyes. There was a time when “don’t believe everything you read” was a pop culture mantra, but the same should be said for what you see.


In the meantime, check the list and laugh at how we still get tricked by some of this stuff.

[Story via Gizmodo]

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