A Breathtaking Look at Saturn and its Moons [Picture Gallery]


Gordan Ugarkovic does programming for a living, but during his spare time, image processing is what he likes to do best. He currently has an amazing gallery of pictures of Saturn and its moons which can only be described as “breathtaking.”

I’ve put up this gallery because I was somewhat underwhelmed by the frequency the Cassini Imaging Team releases color composites. Granted, there isn’t an overwhelming number of color sets available, but even when there is a chance to do color, the team often prefers grayscale.

These images will mostly be the ones I haven’t seen officially released, but there will be a few of those as well, though with my own processing.

All Cassini images, unless otherwise noted are credited to “NASA / JPL / SSI / Gordan Ugarkovic”.







[Source: Gordan Ugarkovic (CC) and NASA / JPL / SSI | Via]

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