Blood-sucking Gaming Peripheral Seems Unlikely Pitch


Two Kickstarter users are looking for funding for a peripheral that turns spilling blood in a video game into a reality. It’s dubious, to say the least, that it’s a serious proposition.

Blood Sport is described as a hacked version of a rumble pack that uses an Arduino controller to track when your character is wounded in a game and then activate a blood collection machine hooked up to your arm. The makers say users can input their age, gender and weight to make sure only a safe amount is withdrawn.

There are at least three clues that all may not be as it seems. The Kickstarter campaign doesn’t actually offer the device to donors (for want of a better word), merely the chance to try it out. Despite funding options starting at $5, the project is looking for a suspiciously high $250,000 if it’s to go ahead. And most tellingly, the two project creators are both self-confessed digital creative staff at advertising agencies.

[Via: The Mary Sue]