Jonathan Nolan May Be Bringing Asimov Series to HBO

Jonathan Nolan, the screenwriter-brother of Christopher Nolan (Interstellar, The Dark Knight trilogy) is rumored to be bringing a classic Isaac Asimov series to life.

Jonathan Nolan

Nolan is reportedly working with HBO to adapt Asimov’s Foundation series. The series is comprised of three books — Foundation, Foundation and Empire, and Second Foundation — with the first one published back in 1942. The series is partially based on the fall of Rome, and gave readers a glimpse of handheld computers and the space opera. The gist is this: A guy warns of impending doom for a mighty empire. They banish him to another planet, where a society called The Foundation is formed by a psychologist-mathematician. The Foundation is poised to become the next great empire.

But that’s just the first part. (Seriously.)

The report is currently unconfirmed, but Nolan is currently involved with HBO on its Westworld adaptation, so anything is certainly possible.

[via Geek]

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