Designer Creates DIY 3D Geometric Shape Masks

Whether you need a last-minute Halloween costume or you’re attending a masquerade party, for under $10, U.K. designer Steve Wintercroft will give you the design to make your own geometric mask. When you decide on a mask shape -slash-animal head, you’ll be given a PDF file which will allow you to download and print out the pattern. All you need are┬ásome scissors, tape, glue, and card stock (or cardboard)!

(Plus whatever else you want to use to customize your mask.)

Shop for masks here!


storm trooper wintercroft mask


3d-geometrical-halloween-masks-steve-wintercroft-14 3d-geometrical-halloween-masks-steve-wintercroft-11 3d-geometrical-halloween-masks-steve-wintercroft-4 3d-geometrical-halloween-masks-steve-wintercroft-6

[via Bored Panda]

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