’90s Game “Myst” Becoming TV Series

Legendary TV & Digital Media has announced a partnership with Cyan Worlds to develop a TV series — and a new, related game — based on the 1993 game “Myst,” according to Deadline.


“Cyan’s goal in working with Legendary is not just to create a compelling TV drama but to develop a true transmedia product that will include a companion video game that extends the story across both media,” the company said. “Seventy percent of tablet owners use their device while watching TV at least several times a week. Cyan sees the potential to push the boundaries of interactive storytelling to a new level.”

The video game follows the adventures of The Stranger, “who uses a book to travel to the island of Myst, where he must find and follow clues that unlock different self-contained mini-worlds.”

The game would be a companion piece to the televised drama, where viewers would be able to play the game along with the show.

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