The Game of Thrones Theme Performed by a Cello Orchestra [Video]

Check out this beautiful cello cover of the Game of Thrones theme as performed by Cellocyl, a club of cello players located in Castilla y León in Spain. It’s not entirely perfect, but it’s pretty darn good anyways!

[Cellocyl | Via TA]

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  1. I love your website! I read it every day! I am a Spaniard living in England and I can tell you that the orchestra is from the county of “Castilla y León” (not Castilla de Leon) which literally means “Castles and Lions”. And more precisely, they are playing in the city of “Valladolid”

    • No, it does not mean literally “Castles and lions”. The name of historic region Castilla comes from the latin word for castle “castellum”, but León (another historic región and an actual city) comes from latin “Legio”, which means “legion” and was the name of the Roman military camp “Legio VI Victrix”, much years later, the city of “León”. León as a common noun is “lion”… so, they should have played “The rains of Castamere”.

  2. Sorry sweeheart but yes, it does mean (almost) literally “Castles and lions” and last time I checked Geeks Are Sexy was written in English, not Latin. But thanks for the lesson nonetheless!

  3. Obviously, as your logic has (again) a big flaw: it is ‘almost’ as ‘león’ is singular and ‘lions’ is plural. Such a pity we don’t feed the trolls to the lions any more… instead here am I, feeding a troll!!

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