Seeking Robb Stark Look-a-Like For Elaborate Fantasy


This has to be one of the best Craiglist entries I’ve ever seen.

After crossing the Narrow Sea and defeating the forces of Westeros, it is within my power and right to slay all of those who betrayed my family and denied me my rightful place for so many years. … All of those who fought against the Mother of Dragons are slain—all except one. When I come to Robb Stark, our eyes lock and something moves inside of me. I realize I need to have him, want him, and I can tell he is thinking the same. I order my guards to throw him in the dungeon and later that night, I have him brought to me, in the throne room. There, on the Iron Throne I’ve so recently won, I make wild and passionate love with him, repeatedly.

[Via GU]

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