Fan Asks JJ Abrams Star Wars Math Question, JJ Abrams Answers [Pic]


A kid named cody recently asked J.J. Abrams a Star Wars-themed math question via the power of social media, and when JJ heard about the question, he decided to send the kid his answer.

J.J. Abrams is making Star Wars Episode 7. He rented three speeder bikes which was 700 imperial credits to start. He must pay 100 imperial credits to keep his speeder bikes daily. If he does not pay daily, Prince Xizor and other Black Sun members will kidnap J. J. Abrams, bring him to Mustafar, and sacrifice him.

J. J. Abrams is also paying 5 bounty hunters to keep separatist spies out. That costs 200 imperial credits to start, then 50 imperial credits for each bounty hunter every time they capture a spy. The Separatists send 2 spies every day.

In how many days does J. J. Abrams spend the same amount of imperial credits on speeders and bounty hunters?




Now how awesome is that?

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  1. since it takes 4.2 years to travel 1.3 parsecs at the speed of light,

    12 parsecs times (4.2 years at speed of light divided by 1.3 parsec) = 38.4692 years at speed of light

    38.4692 divided by 1500 (since you are going 1500 times the speed of light) times 365.25 days per year = 9.4403 days traveled

    17000 credits per day time 9.4403 days = 160485.23 credits

  2. You can’t actually answer the kid’s question. He says they get paid every time they capture a spy and that the seperatists send 2 spies per day. However he never says what the bounty hunters’ success rate is. For all we know they suck and every spy gets through.

  3. Does the Alderaan system even exist anymore? Is it still called the “Alderaan System”? Maybe it’s called “The asteriod belt that used to be Alderaan” System.

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