Intel Promotes Flying Selfie Mini-Drone


Intel is backing a competition that features a finalist with a spectacular spoof on modern tech culture.

The prank involves developers supposedly putting together a wrist-mounted portable drone designed specifically for taking selfies.

In a neat touch to make the gag a little more authentic, you have to grab the wristband from the air and reattach it (the idea that it would reattach itself would of course be too far-fetched). As part of the comedy, we’re asked to imagine somebody doing this while clinging to a mountain face or walking a tightrope.

The people behind the prank have certainly gone to great lengths to make it seem real. They’ve even launched a website inviting people to sign up for updates.

According to the storyline, Intel has now selected it as a finalist in a “Make It Wearable” competition and will provide $50,000 in cash, plus design advice and technical support to develop it into a commercial product.

Oh, and by the way: please don’t tell me this is a genuine proposition rather than a biting satire. I don’t think I want to live in a world where that is true.