“A Guide to ‘Star Trek’ Uniforms” [INFOGRAPHIC]


CostumeSupercenter.com created this infographic, just in time for Halloween! (And it’s particularly helpful to cosplayers!)

[via Geek Girls]

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    • There’s a lot more than one uniform missing here; obviously this is just a selection of the highlights.

      No, if we want to get nitpicky, Kira and Odo should have the Bajoran Militia insignia on their chests, not the Starfleet commbadge. The Voyager unis were introduced on DS9. The TNG seasons 3-7 unis are missing entirely. T’Pol only wore that uniform for one season. Etc.

  1. Let’s not forget, Star Fleet is not a military. They just have nearly identical rank structure, customs and curtsies, standard operating procedures, operate armed vessels (and have been the only ones seen defending Sector 001 against attackers)… never mind, they are totally a military.

    I don’t think that is a bad thing. I just think it is time that the show admitted that if it looks, walks, talks, and fires phasers like a duck; then it is a duck. If they want to hide behind the, “they are explorers and scientist first” veil, that is fine. The military is also committed to exploration and research.

    Also, why the deuce is there one senior enlisted member in all of Star Fleet? I am pretty sure that there is more than one Chief Petty Officer about DS9 (or any Star Fleet vessel or installation). Further more, CPO O’Brien would not be the one stuck completing menial repair jobs. He would be updating his commander, Captain Sisko, on how his department was handling the needed repairs and advising him on the proper way to handle such efforts going forward.

  2. I dont know why that first thing is on top. Isnt this about Star Trek? It looked like that show that ripped off some names and ideas from Star Trek. Why would you put it on there?

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