Kids with Autism Can Be Superheroes Too! [Pic]

A while ago, James Gunn posted a story he got sent from a fan whose autistic young brother was overjoyed when he realized that Drax the Destroyer was just like him: “He’s like me! He can’t do metaphors!”

Warning: Somehow, something got stuck in my eye after looking at this picture. It might do the same to you!




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    • Actually, Bautista is his real last name, his ring name dropped the u for simplicity and so that “Batista” could be trademarked, etc. If you click the wiki link, his name is right there at the top, with the u. In the film, he went with his real name, not his wrestling persona name.

    • Go look at the page you yourself have posted and have a look at the part where it says born, you will see it says David Michael Bautista, Jr. Batista is just an anglicised form of his fillipino family name…