The Sound of Pain Around the World [Comic]


[Source: James Chapman]


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  1. The Japanese one is incorrect. Japanese people actually use some form of the word “itai” (=pain, hurt) to make the equivalent sound for “ouch”. It might be shortened to a quick “ita” or lengthened to “itatatata…” to make an “ow ow ow ow” type sound.

    It is both the word with the meaning that you can usually translate to “It hurts” or similar depending on the context and the sound one makes when experiencing pain “ouch”.

    Granted, they will also make grunts and vowel sounds “ahhh! oi! uuu!” etc., but that’s pretty universal.

    • and you’re far more likely to hear “ite” (or イテッ which i always think of as “itte” because the seconds syllable is stressed so much, but that spelling is not [japanese] phonetically correct). it’s like how when it’s super hot people don’t exclaim “atsui,” but shorten it to “atsu” with stress on the “tsu” making it kinda sound like “attsu.”
      RIGHT?! where my japanese speakers at?!
      (i live in japan, btw)

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