This T-Shirt Will Piss Off Geeks Everywhere [Pic]


Aren’t you a little short for doctor?

[Available @ The Neatoshop | More Awesome T-Shirt Designs by Stephanie Jayne]


3 Responses to This T-Shirt Will Piss Off Geeks Everywhere [Pic]

  1. Even though the mixed up genre meme has been a thing on the internet for how long??

    Seriously GAS, first it was running old news as exclusives, now it’s shirts based on old flogged to death web memes being touted as something to annoy geeks?

    Really need to start hiring some folks to get news, rather than using the Wayback Machine to run years old articles from other “geek” websites.

    • I am sorry i liked this news.
      Does it make me stupid and you superior?

      You know inernet is not shaped around you.