A Riddle For You [Pic]

Courtesy of training firm Robust IT. (Clue: there’s an element of inconsistency in the answer.)


Scroll for the answer:

Answer: The cashier deciphered the message as “I owe nothing for I ate nothing.”


10 Responses to A Riddle For You [Pic]

  1. I guess he could also have been an employee at the restaurant and didn’t pay because he wasn’t a customer, just meeting the other guy who was a customer. The number he handed in was the date 10/04 and his takings tips 180… it’s really too open for possibilities to be a good riddle. :D

  2. I call shenanigans on this “riddle”. Maybe if it had been “IO04I80”.

    There is a difference between one and zero.

    • “one owes nothing, one ate nothing” zero can be said as naught, zero, oh, nothing, depending on context and speaker’s preference.

  3. considering most cashiers look at your like you handed them a live grenade when your total is $9.32 and you hand them $10.07…I call shenanigans as well.

  4. I don’t blame them, if you gave them an extra $0.07. They would just give it right back, along with $0.68 more.

    But…if you gave them $10.02 to start with, that’d make more cents. Or fewer cents. Ha.

    • No, the extra 7 cents makes sense because you’d get quarters back as opposed to the nickel. I have no idea what kind of cashiering you do…

  5. the 1 is i the 0 is the o for owe, the 3rd 0 is zero, being nothing, the 4 means for then the 2nd 1 means i again, as in the person, 8 means ate, and 0, once again means zero or nothing, thank you.